• Hi-Res Over-ear Headphones with Titanium-Plated Di


    • Japan Audio Society Hi-Res standard sound quality certified

    • Recommended for music of strong bass or gaming soundtrack

    • Composed of Titanium-plated diaphragms and rigid 40 mm dynamic speaker drivers by composite mechanism, providing a solid foundation for bass and precise expansion for treble

    • Remarkable sound stage of dimensions. Great performance on music with strong bass and rhythm. Not only can they hold deep bass, but they can also produce gentle and charming high-pitched sound.

    • 120 cm high quality braided cable and 3.5 mm stereo gold-plated plugs

    • Soft and breathable cushioned earcups, also usable for sound isolation to some extent

    • Showing off your unique personal style with Ampio VE-1090’s multi-phased structure design and bold color presentation

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